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We are an authorized dealer of Milgard Windows & Doors.
At Euro Design, we offer Neon Energy window systems. These systems accommodate to high specifications, high safety, environmental consciousness, modern designs, durability, perfect adaptation, energy saving and perfect insulation.
Our Windows Systems Include: Styles We Offer: The Types of Materials We Use Include:
•   Aluminum with Thermal Break
•  Tilt & Turn
•  Turn
•  Clad (wood interior and aluminum exterior)
•  Lift & Slide
•  Sliding
•  Garden Windows
•  Arch Windows
•  Bay Windows
•  Custom Design
•  Sliding Windows
•  Aluminum
•  Aluwood (aluminum exterior & wood interior)
•  Vinyl
Bi-Folding Doors
Our folding door systems are designed to offer a versatile and highly durable. With durability, insulation and safety in mind these doors are ideal for large openings of any kind, pergola constructions, patios, partitions and more.

Aluminum Doors

Aluminum doors are made for high specifications and safety; they are environmentally consciousness, offer a modern design, durability, and perfect adaptation. Another benefit of aluminum doors is that they are designed for perfect insulation and is energy saving!

Pocket Doors

Pocket Doors offer a seamless and space-saving design while keeping the elegant look to match your style. Our pocket doors are specially designed with hardware that includes a removable track making it easier than every for the door to be serviced without having to sacrifice the design you are looking for.

Frameless Glass Doors

Give your storefront the design it deserves with frameless glass doors. With a sleek design, you will drastically open your space up and allow clients to peer inside your business.

French Doors

When you are looking an elegant and open finish to your space, french doors are your total solution. French doors have always been an institution in elegant housing but lately, have gained even more popularity. From the traditional french doors with glass panes to a more modern, sweeping folding style, you will find the look you have always envisioned.

Shower Glass Doors

the professionals at Euro Design has the experience and training to expertly offer the ever-popular, European-style frameless glass show enclosures. Frameless Shower Glass Enclosures offer a high-end look to complete you bathroom remodel and can range from a simple single door to custom and complex designs based on your preference.

Types of Materials

•  Vinyl
•  Aluminum
•  Aluwood (aluminum exterior and wood interior)
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